Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Essential SEO Techniques For 2014

Today, online presence is mandatory for every business organization to succeed in this competitive market. Website is considered as virtual identity of business to take part in online marketing. Of course, just having a professional looking website is not enough to your business. Enhanced online presence and brand reputation is very important for every business.  In such situation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play to boost your business online visibility. Optimization will make your website search engine friendly. Search engine can crawl and index your web page, which is important for organic visibility.

When SEO is done properly, your website will be listed at the top of search engine rankings that draw more leads to your business. Search engine optimization is a complex thing as the search engines update their search algorithm and other features regularly. Thus, training and regular follow up is very important to stay updated. SEO training will assist you to cope with ever changing market trend. SEO training in Chennai offer professional course on search engine optimization and digital marketing.  Here are some popular SEO techniques for 2014.


Content has always been most important factor when it comes to search engine optimization and rankings. It is extremely mandatory to have unique and high quality content on all your web pages. You need to write content based on the context of your business products or services. When writing content, you need to consider the keywords you want to rank the site for. You need to use keywords across the content naturally. You can make use of keyword analysis tool such as Google Keyword Planner or UberSuggest to choose keyword for your website.


Usability is most important factor taken into account when developing a new content. It is proven that website with hard navigation has extremely high bounce rate. You need to create professional looking website for your business with clear layout, header and footer section, content, etc. You need to create user-friendly website that keeps user engaged. You need to choose pleasing design and color combination to make your website appealing.


Backlinks are most important factor when comes to ranking your website for certain keywords in search engine result pages. However, getting quality backlinks from popular website is really daunting task as it takes more effort and hard work. Without good quality content, all your link building strategies will ruin your effort. Major search engines give weightage to content from high quality and relevant sites with high page rank and domain authority. For quality content, you can share content with your website links to social bookmarking sites, forum discussion, article submission sites, and blog and web2.0 sites. It will assure good quality and relevant inbound links to your website.

Social Signals:

Currently, social networking sites is consuming 50% time that user spend on internet. We all know the popularity of social medial platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Business takes advantage of these social networking sites to build their online presence and social engagement. In addition, Search engines also give more weightage to social signals.


Google authorship and author rank is hot topic among the SEO community over the last year. It is ideal option to build the authority and trust for your website and brand. It also gives additional data highlighter features like rich snippets that maximize the click through rate. Recently, Google removed Google+ profile picture from the search result. But, the benefits of authorship concept remain the same.

Local Listing:

Local listing has been quite important factor for the business now. You can boost your local authority using the Google places and Bing Places. One of the top search engine Google introduce Google Business to help small business to take advantage of local listing and citations.

SEO is not a sprint and can’t be achieved in a single day. It is a slow process that includes several factors and efforts in ranking your website. With the raising competition in online world, business entrepreneurs depend on SEO services to stay ahead in the competition. It increases the demand of aspiring SEO professionals. For enhanced career opportunity, you need to enroll in professional training with leading SEO institute. FITA is reputed SEO Training Institute in Chennai offering hands-on training through industrial experts with years of experience.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

SEO Training in Chennai

Latest Trend in Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an important concept which assists in enhancing online presence and reputation of your business. Nowadays, internet users are becoming more technical, savvy, demand and particular. Therefore, internet marketers need to analyze the search queries of users and redesign their optimization techniques. Most of the people think that promoting a website is easy task, but internet marketer knows the challenges and difficulties of SEO field.  The World Wide Web is loaded with tons of website. So, you need to implement precise optimization techniques to rank your website at the top of search engine results. New optimization techniques are updated on regular basis.

Build your SERPs:
The major search engine like Google updates their search engine algorithms on regular basics in order to provide good experience for the users. Yahoo and Bing also update their algorithms, but not as recurrently as Google. It is the duty of SEO specialist to know the recent updates of search engines. As search engine update its algorithm, some websites may lose its rankings due the violation of the guidelines.

Nowadays, the Google is giving more importance to its on social networking site Google+, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. The more followers (signals) on Google+, the more advantages get for your website. It has maximized the fame of Google+ among the internet marketers. Google permits one look to author website with content. If any of your followers gives plus to your post, you can get more credit. Google also displays your Google+ profile image on the search engine results. It gives you an added advantage and draws more visitors towards your business website.

Back links are familiar concept among internet marketers. Getting more back links won’t help you in any way. You need to concentrate on quality links from website with high page rank rather than getting bulk links from low quality sites. Build links with website that have high domain authority, page rank and low Alexa ranking. This will ensure positive results for your website in generating more web traffic. The Long tail keyword is excellent option to attract more traffic to your website. With this keyword, you can able to cover multiple keywords in search queries. It matches more keyword on your website and brings more traffic.

Build more social Signal and Reputation:
Google analyze the social signal rate to rank a website. Using the social signals, small brand websites can achieve good SERP rate over the multinational corporate. For this reason, most of the companies hire digital marketers rather than SEO professionals. You can create pages for your business in different social networking sites with the help of this SEO Training institute in Chennai . Try to post unique, informative and quality post to attract more visitors to your website.  Having strong reputation in online will ensure maximum advantage to your business. Major search engines consider this concept to rank a website. It is important to maintain strong brand reputation for your business online. By following all these SEO trends, you can promote any websites on leading search engine in short span of time.